Rachel McCann

Saturday 16th May 2020 at 12:23

Let us introduce you to Rachel McCann - one of Ireland's best candle and home fragrance designers. Rachel started designing product for the homeware market in Ireland in 1998 and opened up The Green Wall Gallery in 1999.

Over the years that followed Rachel would expand her range to department stores such as John Lewis, Fenwick’s, Habitat, Housing Units to name but a few. Her success didn’t stop there, Rachel also represented the work of many young budding and established photographers and artists some of which she brought to America’s largest TV Shopping Channel QVC in Philadelphia.

“It was an experience that I will never forget, sitting watching the numbers flying across the screen as the pictures sold at speed I just never knew possible, what a market, incredible!”

Rachel went on to exhibit her work in New York, Atlanta, China, Paris, Frankfurt and London, and built great markets around the world. Rachel’s name became synonymous with Irish design worldwide.

The Beginning

Well as we know Rachel is “design mad” as she would say herself! So packaging was never going to be anything but stunning with anything that she touched.

“I have this obsession with fragrance” she laughs.

I only smell something once and I remember it forever, it’s weird.
The first school that I attended was in Dublin, I can remember little of my education (I was just 5 so I suppose that’s OK) but the smell of bananas (not ripe ones, I’m afraid) always reminds me of this classroom, that and my teachers perfume. To this day I recognize it on the rarest of occasions when I actually come across it. These are really fond memories as everything then was so very new and exciting!

So I suppose looking back I’ve always linked fragrances with memories.

“So I dream about fragrances and why we are so addicted to one over another, the calming effects of some and headaches brought on by others! There was only one thing to do and that was to go France the fragrance capital of the world to study fragrance and try to create my own perfumes. So, that’s just what I did!

Here I met the most amazing ‘Nose’, she was such an inspiration and really zoned in on me because of my obvious passion (obsession) for it. I learned so much and I will continue to learn and study as tastes and fashion change. France has become my second home, it’s as beautiful as the fragrances it produces. To say I loved it was an understatement. I have traveled back and forth so many times tweaking and recreating scents for my new collection. Finally, I have what I believe to be the best scents to suit my brand that I am proud to call ‘EAU LOVELY’.”

The Collection

“Eventually I will launch the perfumes when the time is right but first the scents have been adapted to make candles, soaps, room sprays and diffuses. I want to fill homes with premium French perfume, particularly with candles. I have used the perfect mix of natural waxes for a nice clean burn. Such is the fabulous nature of these candles that they smell amazing in your room, even if when they are not burning”.

Branding & Packaging

“I have put just as much work into the packaging and branding as I have the fragrance, as one I believe is pointless without the other.

The ‘Eau Lovely’ range is supposed to be fun, I thoroughly enjoy working with ‘Eau’ instead of ‘Oh’ and having fun with words. More and more family and friends are calling me up to say I’ve just come up with a great name for your new candle and there’s been a few good ones for sure! If you have any good ideas, do share in the fun!

I really love and am so proud this range, it has passion just oozing from each wick! I hope you really like it too”.