Metal Robin

Metal Robin

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H: 9.5cm (3.7")

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A handmade recycled metal Robin garden sculpture.

This Chirpy Robin is very robust, making him perfect to sit outside all year long in the garden. Beautiful indoors on window ledges or side tables.

The sculpture stands proud with its bright red breast plate, unique patina and earthy colouring of the body and wings. The recycled metal Robin sculpture looks great either subtly dotted around the garden or perched in full view on a fence post, or even sat comfortably inside on a window ledge.

Made from recycled metal, predominately mild steel factory off cuts.

Like all metal exposed to the elements they will need occasional maintenance. For a protective sheen apply a good coat of clear yacht varnish or clear lacquer once a year.

Please note that all items are individual and as such the item you receive may vary from the item depicted. These sculptures are not toys and are therefore not suitable for children.

Approx - Height: 10cm Weight: 130g