Qult Designs - Farluce Candles

Qult Designs - Farluce Candles

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Farluce candle *

Wow - what a great idea a "faux" pillar candle that holds a tealight - no messy melted wax spilling everywhere or expensive pillar candles that need replacing but at the same time a REAL flame. Designed and made in Germany, these candles are of the highest quality.They have been a real hit with everyone who has seen them. Perfect for anywhere - inside, outside, in lanterns, on candle holders (they even have a small hole in the bottom for the "prong" of any candle-holder!). They look stunning simply standing alone on the mantle-piece or on the dining table...... you can always be safe in the knowledge that they will not drip onto precious or unprotected surfaces!

You simply place a tealight (preferably the sort that are in clear plastic cups) in the top of the "faux" candle which is made of extremely durable plastic but looks like real wax, light it and you have a really beautiful, realistic looking pillar candle with a real flame. No mess and no wastage. Also, with the added safety bonus that it will extinguish automatically once the tealight has burnt out.  Great for outdoor use too as the candle will not melt or distort if left out in full sun like ordinary wax candles tend to.


The 8cm diameter candles take regular size tealights(38mmx18mm with a burn time of approx 4 hours), the 10 & 12cm diameter candles take maxi-tealights (56mmx27mm with a burn time of approx 7 hours.

See Product Code: 10752 for Tealights and Maxi Tealights.