East of India - Special Dad Pebble

East of India - Special Dad Pebble

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Give your Dad a permanent reminder of how you feel about him with this truly beautiful sentimental pebble from East Of India.

This ornamental pebble may only at first seem a small token of love to give, but to receive such beautiful words on a delicate stone will mean the world to a father or guardian, to cherish and treasure for years to come.

Fashioned into the shape of a beach pebble, this piece of polished white porcelain is indented with the words:

Special Dad

The lettering is filled with black ink to make it stand out from the pebble, and can be easily felt when you run a finger over it. The pebble has a lovely, tactile quality and on the other side is an engraving of an oak leaf with an acorn attached, again indented and inked in. The symbolism of the fatherly strength of the oak tree, the offshoot acorn representing the child, and the visual reminder of the well-known phrase from little acorns mighty oaks do grow, enhances and underlines the sentimental message about the importance of fatherhood.