Mathilde M. Marquise Scented Bar

Mathilde M. Marquise Scented Bar

Code: 10120


W: 9cm (3.5")H: 19cm (7.5")D: 2cm (0.8")


Mathilde M. marquise scented plaster bar. The bar can be broken up and used to add a subtle scent to drawers, cabinets, or small corners. Its use can be extended in time as many times you want in combination with Mathilde M. Marquise concentrate. 

Marquise  Fragrance: An emblematic Fragrance by Mathilde M., with a strong feminine character, this precious and irresistibly sensual perfume combines woody and spicy notes with the sweetness of vanilla and musks.

Cedar wood, Precious wood
Cistus, White Musk, Spices 
Ambergris, Vanilla pod